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A simple earache threatens to ruin the life of Davidoff, a decent family man.

He is unable to sleep, suspects that his wife is cheating on him with his good friend and is sure that the doctors are hiding information from him.

He enters experimental therapy to eliminate the pain, and awakens to a new reality in which he remembers nothing. The pain is gone and with it the wife, family and friends.


All together they create a comedy that will take you out of balance, in which the scientists are crazy, the friends are traitors, the women are seductive and the diseases do not exist except in the minds of the patients.


Play and direction: Eran Tobol

Costume and set design: Rona Mish'ol | Musical direction and arrangements: Itamar Vardi | Lighting Design: Adam Rotblit | Dramaturgy: Meir Feldman

Participants: Eran Tobol, Michael Gamliel, Saar Shani, Shiran Buchnik


Duration of the show: 80 minutes


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