About us


Who we are 

Theatre Company Jerusalem (TCJ) aspires to create a vibrant original theatre of excellence. Its performances fuse   contemporary theater and music, ancient Hebrew and Aramaic holy texts and, current Israeli literature.  Reclaiming nurturing and releasing the artistic voices of women within Jewish tradition has been paramount in the company’s history. TCJ’s unique voice and theatrical expression has won her both national and international prizes and accolades.



Gabriella Lev joined by fellow artists Aliza Elion-Israeli, Ruth Wieder-Magan and Joyce Miller initiated the formation of the company in 1982 .Their vision of forging a theatre which is reflective of Jerusalem’s cultural and geographical context, grounded in Jewish texts,  and employing new forms and techniques of theatrical expression is forever coming into being.


Annual Festival 

TCJ presents an Annual International Jewish festival for Contemporary performance. We desire to give a stage to a wide range of voices, in an array of styles and mediums, some classical and conservative and some cutting edge and proactive. Our aim is to encourage interchange and discussion between all sectors of our global community.


Community Projects

Answering the requests and needs of its society, TCJ has developed a unique and powerful educational method, working with diverse issues such as autism, altzheimer, women’s empowerment, teacher training and communication enhancement.


The company’s home is located at the Mazia Theater, 18 Masilat Yesharim Street, Jerusalem


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