The Festival


The International Jewish Festival  2022


(IJF) is a vibrant week of performances celebrating Jewish culture in the city center of Jerusalem. IJF gives artistic expression, to all segments of the Jewish varied global community: Religious, secular, ultra-orthodox, unaffiliated, new age.

One of the hallmarks of modern Israeli creations is its energetic contemporary
development alongside a continuing dialogue with ancient sources.
Theatre Company Jerusalem’s groundbreaking work in the transposing of ancient “religious” texts to contemporary performance fully endorses the Jewish tradition of pluralistic expression.

thus, we conceived of a festival which would present a wide range of voices, in an array of styles and mediums, some classical and conservative and some cutting edge and proactive. Our aim is to encourage interchange and discussion between all sectors of our global community. Every year we carefully gather and present the various currents, ethnicities and shades of contemporary Jewish culture, through the performing arts: music, dance, video art, theatre, stand-up, cinema, and special encounters.

We are proud to present a number of premieres and one-time special performances in which different elements are drawn together from different cultures, including global culture. International productions feature in our 5 day festival.

The varied performances, carefully curated, bring to the stage the aromas and flavors of Jewish tradition from Israel and the diaspora. A week-long  celebration, which rejoices in our variety and imagination as a people and encourages communication between all sections of our community.  

There is truly something for everybody.
And what more apt place for such a celebration than Jerusalem, Jerusalem the city forever displaying her many faces and colors, the source of inspiration through the ages. 

Answering needs in the community
Virtually every capital city in the world hosts a Jewish international festival for the performing arts, so it is fitting that Jerusalem the historical core of the heritage of the Jewish people should host such a festival.

The festival contributes greatly to Jerusalem’s cultural image as a heterogeneous city.
We at TCJ, believe that the art of performance is a powerful tool for bridging cultural and ethnic divides and can facilitate direct, meaningful communication that transcends the politics that pervades so much of Israeli, and indeed, international, media. The aim of IJF is to present works, which celebrate the diversity of the Jewish experience.

We aspire to create a time and space where artists engaged in different and differing media can present their works to a diverse public, interact with each other and their audiences, and give rise to new levels of positive, creative and empowering visceral experiences and discourse inspired by their personal and communal history and rituals.

When? Where?
The festival, lasting 5 days, will take place from November 27th through December 1rd 2022 in our resident theatre: Bet Mazia Theater, located in the center of Jerusalem. The restored building houses many performing spaces  and 3-5 different shows take place daily in the many theatres and studios that are housed in the building.

This is an effervescent festival that appeals to all segments of the community.



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