Mania – A Legend in her Lifetime


A docu drama based solely on true facts of the life of Mania Wilbushewitch Shohat (1880–1961) 


A thrilling weave of authentic vintage film footage, brilliant ensemble acting and singing creates a compelling stage performance of a radical and revolutionary female pioneer. The performance reflects on the birth of the state of Israel, its socialistic roots in Imperialist Russia and explores the passion and heartbreak of one woman who courageously risked everything to forge the society of equality and tolerance that she believed in.


Play by Peninna Gery after the book by Rachel Yanait Ben Tzvi in co-operation with Yad ben Tzvi 

Adapted and directed by Gabriella Lev

 Composiiton and Piano Saar Shani, Ran Cohen, Musical Direction Ronit Roland,Light Design Adam Rotblit,Video Jonothan Friedman and Adam Rotblitt,Sound Jonothan Friedman, Scenic Design Gabriella Lev Talia Regev and Liat Vardi Elstein , Costumes and Props Talia Regev and Liat Vardi Elstein, Assistant to Director Gail Pilosof ,Production Meir Feldman 

Actors Tzahala Michaeli,Saar Shani ,Ran Cohen, Inbal Milo- Bachar

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