Premiere: The Israel Festival 2008

The story of an Israeli class that was born upon the establishment of the state. A bunch that reflects everyone's story and the story of the country itself

The repetitive Rondo dance as the symbol of formulation and unification, the crazy dance of life is performed on the shore of the sea while the spectators participate


A play by: Aliza Elion Israeli | Director: Gabrielle Lev | Decor & Lighting Design: Serge Oakenin | Costume Design: Nava Shet | Musical Management: Avishai Fish | Choreography: Anne Braslav

Participants: Eran Bohm, Tomer Hoffman, Ruth Vader Magen, Gershon Wisperfirer, Amir Yerushalmi, Niso Kavia, Nadav Lev, Zahala Michaeli, Eilat Stoller, Avishai Fish, Dana Kucharovsky, Rafi Kalmar, Bhat Kalachi


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